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  • I'm currently CEO of Mashery, a web services startup.

    I founded Mashery after leaving Feedster, where I was VP Business Development.

    Before Feedster, I've had a bunch of various similar jobs running companies in a wide range of dissimilar industries, from manufacturing to entertainment to online auctions. These include being president, CEO or COO of, ColtHR, Justice Design, and The Groundlings.

    I have a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School.

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So THIS is what you were talking about re: "making life easier".... gotchya! ;)

Thorsten - CTO RightScale

A few weeks ago it was Elastic IPs and now it's storage volumes in the cloud. The official stuff is on the AWS blog and I wrote some more about how it changes the game at
The Amazon folks are on a roll!

With the addition of the storage volumes there's no doubt in my mind anymore: the cloud adopters will have much more computing horsepower and flexibility at their fingertips than those who are still racking their own machines. Cloud computing is going to be as significant for deployment as agile is for software development. You either compute in the cloud or you'll be left behind by your competitors because they can deploy faster, better, and cheaper than you can.

I'm sure you guys will want to get hold of the new storage volumes as soon as you can!

Glenn Fleishman

"This is done by changing your DNS settings, and these changes take considerable time to propagate to all the millions of nameservers around the world." C'mon, we all know DNS doesn't propagate. It's a client-pull not server-push technology.

Doesn't changing your TTL help in this regard? Although I'm told that the TTL is ignored by some ISPs, who set their own values.

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